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Candy Thieves

When my oldest 3 kids were young, 7-8-9 years old, I could never keep a snack for my lunch in the house without it being devoured in minutes. I’d buy a pack of cookies, or donuts or whatever and when I went to put some in my lunch it would all be gone. One day I thought of a creative way to help alleviate the problem. I came home with a big bag of peanut M&Ms and put them into the pantry like I always did. I warned the kids, “You guys, these M&Ms are for my lunch, you have tons of your own snacks in here, DO NOT eat these.” The next day I got home from work and about half the bag had been eaten. I called the kids into the living room and lined them up on the couch. I held up the bag of M&Ms and said, “Did you guys eat some of these? It’s very important that you tell me the truth.” Blank stares followed by three heads nodding, no. I said, “So none of you ate any of this candy that I specifically asked you not to?” They all affirmed that they hadn’t, “NO WAY DAD.” I said, “Oh thank God it wasn’t any of you, because I put about 10 poisonous candies in that bag, I was going to put it out in the garage to kill mice. That poison is time released and won’t hit whoever, or whatever ate that candy for a couple days. Thank goodness it wasn’t you guys…. You can go play now…” I still have a great and close relationship with all of my children…in case you were wondering…

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